Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Literacy Night & Book Fair

Reading Meek Moments to the 2nd grade!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW is how I will start this one off. 

If you are following me on Twitter @quickdeuce or on facebook Temeka Johnson you know that i went to Magnolia Woods Elementary last night! Magnolia is the first elementary school that I adopted and it was such a joy to go back to visit.  I was a guest tonight to the Literacy Book Fair. I had the opportunity to meet some new parents, as well as see the kids again. I was so happy and excited to see the turnout of parents that came out to support the book fair and encourage their kids to read more and more books. All the smiles and hugs that I got from the kids was such a joy to my heart. I had a blast today! I also got a chance to share my book - Meek Moments Decisions Decisions Decisions! Everyone loved it. I read to the 2nd and 5th grade kids, parents, and teachers. They loved it.  
As the evening began to wind down, the raffle that was being drawn throughout the night was approaching. There were some young adults there that are a part of this organization called City Year (there motto is Give a year "CHANGE THE WORLD" ) that was there to help with the auction prizes. These are some special young adults (they are called Corp Members) that serve full-time for 10 months, while providing more than 1700 hours of service.
 They serve in schools full time as tutors, mentors, role models, and leaders of after school programs. These young Individuals help students stay on track, or get back on track to graduate by improving their course performance, attendance, and behavior. I am so happy that they are apart of the same school that I am. For more information on this organization visit Overall I had a great time at the school and I pray that I can get back and do some things with the kids before I have to leave out. 

Oh yeah I did forget to mention that the students and the teachers were dressed up in their favorite characters. I saw the goldie locks and the 3 bears, superman, batman, witch, etc. It was great to see them all together and supportive, plus it was great fun!

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