Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Friends and New Relationships

Zachery HS Basketball Team
Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I went to visit Zachery High School. Their Girls basketball team is being coached by one of our own, April Brown. April played for Coach Gunter at LSU a year before I got there and I must tell you that she was definitely a joy to watch. And definitely a shooter! Last week she had asked me to come by and speak to her kids, and of course you all know i was going to say yes. I have to tell you upon arrival I was really impressed with this high school. There is so much being put into this school to help better the kids education, as well as their physical education. Their football stadium was nonetheless impressive, but then I get to the gymnasium and the new floor that was being built with the pullout goal and the court actually being ninety four feet was super impressive. There is also a theater room being put in that the ladies will have for themselves and not share with the guys. I dont know about you all but to me that is a very big thing. I was so pleased to see a school care so much about their girls program as they do their boys.  After being shown around, I headed to the meeting room to address Coach Brown's Team. These young ladies were fun, well mannered, enjoyable, and pleasant if I may say so. 

As I began to speak, I spoke with them about teamwork. The importance of knowing that everyone that is a part of the team, whether they score 30 points or 1 point it is just as important. That they are sisters that are fighting a battle together and they never need to lose sight of that.

I touched on  hard work- going hard everyday, not just when people are watching you; all the time. That practices are hard and they are suppose to be hard, but the games are fun thats when you can showcase all that hard work that you have been putting in.

I touched on leadership- being that one that is going to stand up and stand out and not just sit back and allow your teammates to slack and not work hard. Knowing each other and their personality and know how to talk to each other at all times even in the heated moments.

There was so much that I got to say to them but the thing that I liked the most was that they asked questions. It started off with questions about my shoes LOL, Typical athletes, some would say! But if you know me you know that I do have a lot of them so that was an easy one. Then the questions went into conditioning, training, extra work, etc things that Coach Brown had already spoke with them about as well as put them through most of the things that we do, or did while at LSU so that went well.

They also asked the difference between the WNBA and College. And i told them that the game in the WNBA is a little more faster, physical, and a lot of travel. That is your job now, there is no one there telling you what to do and staying on you to do your job. That its not as family oreinted as the college level, but it is still family. In college you have to do almost everything together, dress the same, etc. In the W its ok if you dont go to certain things so to say, but the sisterhood and the bond is still there. 

Overall the visit went well. I cant wait to see them actually play. They all seemed like some fighters and I believe Coach Brown when she expressed to me how hard they work.

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