Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Check out this video from EmpowHER of me talking about the importance of goals: http://bit.ly/arh4Bp

I am currently writing a book on motivation and success titled "Meek's Little Book of HOPE" and one of the chapters is dedicated to goal setting. Goals are like preparation. Goals are things that we all set in life to purposely put together a game plan for ourselves. I like to think of my goals as “stepping stones” or “footprints”.

As a leader, I know that the goals I set, others may follow, so it’s about setting the right goals. Goals that take effort to achieve. Not something as simple as waking up and going to work, but goals that have more long-term meaning and get us to that next step in life. What goals can you set to get to the next level?

The key to my goal-setting formula is a simple little phase that Coach Gunter taught me -- "Dream big...work hard!"

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