Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess Who's Back??

Hello everyone - I know that it has been a while, but there has been a lot going on. I know you all are like "yeah yeah yeah what else is new!", but I think I like to wait for a lot of things to build up so that I can share it with you all at once! LOL! OK, so come along for the ride.

After arriving in Mondeville, France, things started out very smoothly. We were on a winning streak, and everyone was happy. Then all of a sudden my French license was suspended due to me not getting my physicals completed in the applicable amount of time. Now i know all of you are like "why not?", but it was just something that occurred and with us traveling and playing and the Doctor not showing up for one of the appointments, time just slipped away before we knew it. I have to make sure that I tell you that it had nothing to do with the Club. This is not a mistake on their part at all. I really like this club and they are very professional - this just happened to be a mistake made by all of us. The USO Mondeville Club have been on top of everything since day one, but there is nothing that they can do if the Federation steps in.

So with that going on the team had to leave and head out to Turkey where they faced Americans, Courtney Paris and Sharnee Zoll, in Euro-Cup. While there, the team put up a great fight but came up a little short. They lost them by 9 points. I was extremely happy and proud of them, as they had gotten down by 33 at one point and to bring it to 9 gave us hope to beat them the following week. (some don't really understand Euro-Cup rules so its like this: you play a team twice and to win you have to just flat out beat them of course, or if you split the games you have to beat them by more than what they beat you by and vice versa)

So with that being said, we played Courtney's team again this past Thursday, and I had just got my license back to play. Needless to say I had a lot of energy built up for not being able to play with the team for two games (the other was a French league game) so I was really ready for this game. We jumped out on the team (Botas) really fast and we didn't look back. We got it up to a 21 point lead, and they fought like any competitor would do and brought it to within 8, and then we ended it with a 16 point victory. I finished the game with 22pts, 5asts, 6rebs, 4stls, and 1 to. I must say that's not a bad stat line - LOL, but what was most important was that we won and advanced which is something that the club hasn't been able to do in the past. So we are now in the Final Eight of 64 I believe. So that's one part of it now on to the next.

After our game and all the excitement from the fans and the players; Coach gave us two days off. I am telling you, this is very RARE LOL. But a couple of us jumped in the car and came on down to Paris, which is 2 hours away. Now I have to start out by saying that Paris is definitely a city of Love! I was kind of "hating" on the people that were there with their significant others but I got over it soon. I will have that same thing SOME DAY SOON. LOL!! Anyways after getting to Paris at about 1 am after our game, my teammates and I checked into our hotel which was the Hotel Eiffel Rive Gauche and went off to sleep. The next morning we got up and headed out on the town.

Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower. We got there pretty early so the line was not that long. I actually got to go to the top so that worked out perfect. It was so beautiful being able to look out over Paris from there. It was such an awesome site. From there went to Notre Dame the Church, and it was also another beautiful site which has so much history in it. The actual building that it is in, is amazing. Like more than half the building in Paris, the details of the architecture is awesome. I love the buildings! They are so in-depth with different designs and things. Next up was the Louvre.

Now I have to tell you this is the biggest museum that I have ever come across and I was not able to see the entire thing. You would probably need at least 6-7 hours plus to finish the entire thing. But I did get to see the Mona Lisa!!! How can you come all the way to Paris, go to the Louvre and not see the Mona Lisa? We were so exhausted after seeing all that, we took the boat back to the hotel to rest up a little bit. After a little nap, we went on to Hard Rock Cafe. I know you all are like "why would you go to Paris and go to Hard Rock?" But I was craving some American food, and man was it good!!! We then walked the strip of Champs-Elysee - it's the strip with all the stores and everything. Then we called it a night!

The next morning we went to go and shop. Due to the rain we started out at Galleria Lafayette. This place has everything - any designer that you are looking for, you can find in there, it was pretty neat. Then we went back on the strip and hit up Niketown, (how could you not?) and then grabbed a bite to eat. We also went to the Arc de Triomphe. After climbing 248 stairs it was worth it to see Paris at night time on top of the Arc, where you can see 9 different streets and and everything going on at the same time. It was actually pretty nice! I can tell you that there wasn't enough time for me to see everything so I will have to make another trip there. We only had two days off and then we had to get back that Sunday for practice but over all it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it!!!!!!


Now on to those NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!!

Man man man I am so happy for them and the city. I wish I was home right now to celebrate with everyone but since I can't, don't worry I will celebrate and chant WHO DAT all the way from France! I stayed up the entire time here in France to witness that HISTORY, and it couldn't have been any better. Although the Saints got off to a slow start, they kept their poise and kept on fighting. Drew Brees really led his team, but I think I was more impressed with his character and his faith. To hear him speak after the game was remarkable and I am now and forever a Drew Brees fan. Not that I wasn't before but man!!!!! He really showed great class. All I can think about when the clock was running down was how it felt for me when I was waiting for them zero's to hit the clock. To win my first championship this season, and to witness the Saints win their first championship ever was amazing for me and the city. I am so happy and proud of my city.

My family was screaming and yelling and dancing and having fun. They also said that the city was at peace - no fighting, no arguing or anything, just everyone joining together to have a great time. That's what it's all about, and to be a part of something such as sports and to be able to do what the Saints did. Bring an entire state, not just the city, but the state together is a great feeling. I know that the WHO DAT NATION will be rocking for a long time now. I have already put in my request to receive my WHO DAT shirt so that I can wear it out here in France. Everyone here will be wearing I Love Paris or France shirts and I will be wearing that black and gold Who Dat!!!!!!!

I do want to say that LSU was represented well last night. Congratulations to Joseph Addai and the Colts for making it back, but also to Randle Gay for getting another ring, Devry Henderson and Marlon Favorite for getting their first one. I am proud to be a Tiger and most of all I am proud to be from the City of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.