Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Moments!!

Hey everyone, 

Today was another great day for me. I was blessed to be here another day, I am healthy and able to do things for myself, but of all, I was able to bless some kids today just by speaking with them. 

Today I went to speak with the kids at MAS East School. It is a small school in size, but the love and care that is expressed there supersedes that tremendously. This is Breast Cancer Week and they are putting on a big event to bring awareness to their students about the importance of knowing about it. I think this is great. There will be a parade, balloons, everyone will have on their pink to support it, and I know that it will be great. I am so happy that I am being used to help touch so many people. It is truly an honor of mine and I am so humbled by it all. It is so amazing how what some people may think is small, is really really BIG to someone else. I am learning everyday, and every moment that I get to spend with people that it is so not about me, but how and what I can do to help others.  And I love it.....

Until next time....


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