Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Busy Off-Season

My Mother Giving Away My Shoes To Students That Need Them
Hello everyone, I know I know I know it has been a while since I have updated you so let me start off by saying I truly apologize for that. But, get comfortable in your seats or wherever you are reading this because I have a lot to catch you all up on!

I know you all know that our season didn't end the way that we would have hoped, but believe me we did learn a lot about ourselves and we all will be working extra hard to come back and bounce back! Trust me on that one!

The day after we lost was my birthday and even though I was still upset, I was fortunate enough to share that day with some special ladies (Phoenix Mercury). I know that we were all feeling a certain way about the game but we still managed to come together and have a little fun. I love them ladies! And appreciate each and every one of them more than I can truly express.

After that I made my way back home, and it was such a bitter sweet time when I first got there but hey that's life. My mentor's (father figure/training coach), wife had passed away and I attended the funeral. I was sad while there but I was also happy, because I know Mrs. Williams is no longer suffering and that she is now resting in a peaceful place. Coach Williams is a strong man, and has been there for his two kids like none other. I'm so happy that we are in each others life. I learn so much from him, even when he is not trying to teach me. Love ya Coach.

Next on my plate was going back to the 1st grade. My little niece was not doing everything that she needed to be doing in school, and she was starting to somehow think that she can disturb the class and not listen to her teacher. So I went to her school and sat with her in her classroom. I refuse to allow her to settle for less and I want her to know that she can do better and be better! Sometimes kids just want to know that someone cares, and I'm here to let her know as well as show her that I do! I am proud to say that she is doing much better but is still a work in progress. But now her teacher sends good notes home for her instead of bad ones and my little niece is starting to have all of the confidence that she needs to continue to do well in school. I want to tell all the parents that are truly dedicated to their kids and their school work. I really tip my hat off to you because it is a lot of hard work. I can also tell you that my respect level for teachers have gone up even more, as well. I have watched firsthand teachers taking out the time with some kids that just don't seem to get it, or not getting much help from home, etc. But these teachers really want to try and help these kids. That in itself is extremely difficult because of the number of students in each class, plus it is difficult to stop and help 11 or 12 students when the others are getting it and catching on to the material. If there is no assistant to assist, then the larger the class, the more the students fall back. It's sad but very understandable. (Parents, teachers are doing so much to help out our children, why don't we show the same concern?) I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child and even though we have gotten away from that motto, the teachers are still holding up their end of it. And as a product of that myself I truly am thankful to those teachers that are still doing that. Ok I may have gotten off the subject a little, but I needed to share that with you all. THE KIDS OF TODAY ARE THE KIDS OF TOMORROW! They are our future! Let's do better by them as a whole everyone!

Ok ok ok I'm off of that, I will tell you about my birthday gathering that I had this past weekend. Yes it is a little late but I had asked that it get pushed back and so glad that I did. My Grandmother's only living Sister was there and I was so happy to see her. I got to see a lot of my family that I hadn't seen in years, as well as some that I had not even met yet. It was such a beautiful day. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. I spent most of the day catching up with everyone, and of course playing with all the kids. I played football, jumped in the space walk, played basketball, and did a little racing. Yes, all of that, and best believe I was extremely tired when I got home! LOL. But the kids were super excited so you all know that made me happy.

From there I went on to do some cleaning and my mom came to my house with me. I went through so much stuff that was just sitting in my closet that I had never even worn. The tags and everything were still on them. As my mom stood there shaking her head at me I just kept handing her the things that I didn't want. After I went through all the clothes, I then went through my shoes. I was able to give her at least 35 pairs of shoes that I had sitting in my closet that I was not going to wear. I was so happy to have her and my sisters there because I would have panicked without their help. I'm not sure if many of you know, but my mom drives the school bus (yes its a family thing we all have a passion for kids) and she was happy to be able to bring some of the kids that she knew needed things, some things that they can really use. So that made me very happy knowing that it will help someone out that definitely needs it.

Don't worry I'm coming to an end. I want to finish up by letting you know that I will be doing some readings of my book Decisions Decisions Decisions (Meek Moments) to Washington Elementary (my Grandmother's school), and Magnolia Woods Elementary - my adopted elementary school. I am looking forward to this event! I will also be meeting with some other people about my book, as well as trying to promote it some more. I am going to try to hit up every book store that I come across and see if they are willing to carry it in stores. Right now you can order it off of,, and, which is a great accomplishment in itself. You can also get it off of - my website. I am working hard everyone, and I know with you all's help I can really do well with this book.

I want to thank Coach Starkey who has been in my corner since day one. He always manages to come through for me with whatever it is that I need him to. I have some things in the works while I am at home. I will fill you all in as it comes together.

Ok I'm done for now, I appreciate you taking the time to read this lengthy blog, but I felt like you all deserved to know. Also I will do a better job of keeping you all updated. I will try to blog at least once a week, or as soon as I do something. You all help me be who I am and I truly appreciate you.

Until next time,


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