Monday, September 27, 2010

End of the Week

As you all know I have been a little busy last week, and I have filled you in on most of it. But I want to share the rest. On Thursday I went to the Grand Opening of the New LSU facility for both Men and Women's Basketball. I want to let you know that the place is unbelievable. Both teams now have their own practice facility which allows them to practice at the times that they feel is best. There is no sharing with other indoor sports and there is no need for trying to figure out what times works best for which sport - it is something really special! There are so many people that shed their sweat, blood and tears in the PMAC as well as in the Lady Tiger uniform and I am so happy that the women are starting to gain respect. It was a real honor to be there for such a great event. I know the current Lady Tigers will utilize that facility to the best of their ability! 

On Friday, I attended Washington Montessori School again lol, but this time it was to read Meek Moments: Decisions Decisions Decisions to the entire school. The students were so respectable, and they were very tuned in. After reading to them I asked them some questions about the book, my grandmother, and of course LSU and I gave away some HOPE wrist band and 2 of my LSU bobble head dolls to the kids that got the answers correct. It was a very pleasant moment for me. I really enjoyed the kids and I cannot wait to get back for my next event. I think the new principal there Mrs. Soniat, Secretary Mrs. Leslie, and all the teachers and staff at that school really care about those student and I am super happy to be able to bring some happiness and a little excitement to those kids. This week will be another full week for me and like I mentioned before I promise to keep you all updated. 

Until then........


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