Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello everyone!

On Thursday i went back to magnolia woods, and it was a bitter sweet day for me. As you all know Nike and I donated some shoes to the Honor Roll students at Magnolia Woods Elementary. This is the elementary school that I adopted through my foundation,

Well I thought it would be good to have a follow up by having a meet and greet with the parents of the students that received the shoes. It didn't really turn out the way that I had hoped, but the few that were there were very happy and sincerely grateful. I had one lady who was there for her granddaughter whom she is raising (and you all know I am a product of being raised by my grandmother as well) so she and i connected from the start. She became very emotional and overwhelmed with tears of joy. This made my heart just smile. She went on to thank me again and from there we embraced one another. This is what it is all about taking time out of your schedule to put a smile on someone's face, giving so many hope. I love it. As people continued to walk around and the kids were making thank you cards, they were enjoying some delicious donuts from Mikey's Donut who donated 10 dozen. Thanks Mikey's.

Soon after i, began to speak to the parents. I just thanked them for coming and for caring for their kids future. I stressed the importance of the support starting at home and how the kids are our future. I told them that I just wanted them to know that there a lot of people that cared about their kids' education and future -- and I was one of them. I encouraged them to stay involved and continue to support and encourage their kids to be the best that they can be. It was an awesome feeling -- the response I got from the parents that were there and for the ones that weren't there i sent home some thank you cards. The principal and the teachers were ecstatic and so were the kids. I received a lot of nice cards. Everybody, this is what it is really all about.

Can't wait until the next event tomorrow!! I will keep you posted on that.

Until next time...


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