Monday, May 25, 2009

Training Camp Breakdown..

Hey Everyone!

We are finally finishing up training camp and I must tell you that it has been a joy. I know that you all must think that I am insane right now, LOL. But I am telling the truth. The hard work, the competition, the togetherness, the bonding etc. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Diana and Cappie are working extremely hard as usual, Tangela is doing her thing as well as showing DeWanner the ropes, Le'Coe is underestimated at times, especially in her running ability, Laurie just doesn't miss at all, LOL, Kelly M is working hard as well and knocking down shots, Nicole O, is making great strides, Shay Brooks is taking in all that she can everyday, Yuko, our Japanese pg, is running things as usual and having fun with all if us. Alley Q is a silent assassin that many sometimes sleep on but she is really playing well. Brooke Smith brings it every day.

I am adjusting and picking up things very fast. I am really liking the direction that things are going right now and I really think that this will be a very special year here in Phx. I am looking forward to it all. The coaching staff has been great, and the trainer Tamara Poole is awesome. She is really dedicated to her players and knows how important our bodies and health are.

Anyway like I mentioned before we are finishing up training camp and are now getting ready to head to Sacramento for a preseason game and then to Las Vegas and back here to play against Seattle. I cant wait. Each day and game allows us the opportunity to get even better connected with one another on the floor. I am smiling so big right now. Let's Go Merc. YAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Talk to you all soon. Come on out and check us out this summer, you can start on June 6 for our home opener at 7 o'clock hope to see you all there.


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