Friday, April 24, 2009

Special Day..

Today was an awesome day!

I went back to visit Magnolia Woods Elementary (the school that I have adopted), and it was a fun day. There were some students that had proven that they were working extremely hard in the classrooms by making the A Honor Roll, or the A/B Honor. So Nike and I teamed up and provided some shoes to fifty of the students to show them that I (and the HOPE Foundation) love the fact that they value their education.

Knowledge is power, and myself as well as those elementary students are the future. Without work ethic and education you don't really have much. The students were excited as well as the Principal Wallette and her staff. There were a lot of students that we spoke to about striving to be better and doing better not for the reward of the shoes, but also the reward of life. Those shoes was just a small reward compared to the rewards of having a great education for life in general. I just want to say that it brought my heart great joy to see the smiles on those kids faces. I think that this is what we as athletes should be doing.

I love the fact that I get to go to the school and interact with the students so that they can see that I am not invincible, that I am human just like them and that getting my education was and still is just as important to me as them getting theirs.
Thank yall for following, stay tuned for more to come as I plan to do way more with the school before I head out to Phoenix.

You can read more about this day and see some pictures from the event at LSU's site! Many thanks to the LSU Women's Team for joining me on this special day!!

God Bless and continue to walk by Faith and not by sight.


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