Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regular Season Comes to an End..

Hey there everyone!

We have finally come to the end of the regular season. Last night was our last game and we came out on top. If I am not mistaken, we beat the team by almost forty points. I am not boasting about that but I am happy that our team played well and showed what we are once again capable of.

We started the game out like we meant business and that was a great sign for us. Now we are about to start the playoffs. I am excited about that especially the way we finished the regular season, we are going into the playoffs with a great attitude. As well as a good gel within the team. This will be a fun and testing time for us so hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride with us.

There is a busy week ahead of us so I will be getting back to you really soon. We have two more games this week as well as a trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea with the team. I am looking forward to it all and sharing it with all of you. Thanks for the support...

Until next time..


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