Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandmom..

Hello everyone this has been a tough week for me. I have to say that I have kept it together pretty well though.

Today, March 20th, is my Grandmother Jewel's Birthday. I am missing her so bad it is crazy. I was looking forward to calling her and sending her something home to put a smile on her face but hey. My family and I was able to get through the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas, and now we will have to get through this first Birthday. I figured it like this she would have been sixty seven here on earth, with stress and concern, worry, sorrow, love, happiness, sadness, sickness, etc. But she is almost one year in Heaven so I figure she is having the best times ever there and can just have fun and enjoy being a child. A true child of God. There is peace, happiness, love, caring, joy, laughter all the good stuff. I find comfort in knowing that she is happy. So that's that. I know some may read this and say that I am crazy but thats just how I feel and I wanted to share.

Now on to the games this week.

On Monday we lost to Ramat Hen, Ivory Latta and Shay Doron's Team. We lost to them at the buzzer it was a very intense game and quite a fun one. We had a chance to take second place and it didn't work out like that. We did beat Holon last night though. I have to say that the team really played well. We were all on the same page and everyone stepped up and played well for each other. We are now headed into the final four, where we will have to play Ramat Hasharon Eboni Hoffman and Jia Perkins' team. This will be a very tough first round, but I do think that we could beat them. It will be a best out of five series so everyone keep your fingers cross until the next blog post. I am hopeful that I will be telling everyone that we have advanced to the championship game.....................

Until then later everyone..


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Jennifer said...

Your are not crazy are a very special person...