Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Victorious Week..

Hello all, this has been one stuffed week.

We have played 3 games in 6 days with one day off. So I think you all will understand when I say that my body really hurts, but it is good though because we are winning. We won the last regular season game on Monday, then started the playoffs on Thursday. We played against Ramla to open up and it went to the wire. It was a very physical game, yet exciting game. Sherri Sam did all that she could to try and lead her team to victory but we were able to overcome that. Our team played really hard, and gave a great effort, but we turned the ball over way too many times. (Come on now everyone knows that there is always a but) LOL.

On to the next game which was against Ashdod. We won this game as well and it was yet another fight. Tahsa Humphrey did all that she could to lead her team to victory, along side her was Sherril Baker with that explosiveness, but we were able to pull away from them as well. Charde led us tonight with a great effort and a hurt eye after getting poked in it in the third quarter. She was a warrior and came through very big for us. We have some things to continue to work on and I am sure with the coach that we have here, we will definitely get it together. I haven't spoken much about our coach in these blogs, but I feel that everyone should know that Shiki (that's his name) is one of the best coaches that I have come across. I am happy and honored that our paths have crossed. He is so passionate about what he does and cares deeply for his players. He wants nothing but the best and expects that of you as well. He wants nothing more than for a player to reach her full potential. I love that about him. So with all that being said I know that he will get us where we need to be.

Until next time I will keep everyone posted. I know I have been speaking about picture from Jerusalem and I promise everyone that I will get them up there. I haven't been there due to the hectic schedule that we have been having but I will go and have some amazing pictures to show.

Thanks to everyone..


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Dee Dee said...

Way to go Meek. Keep up the good work and come home safe.