Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tough Game..

Hey there fans, last week was a little disappointing. We lost to Ivory Latta and her club. Her team is projected to win it all over here, and of course I disagree even though they beat us pretty bad last night. The score alone was bad, but that has nothing to do with how our team just didn't fight. That's hard to cope with. Our defense was not there, the focus and concentration, the drive or desire to compete was missing big time last night and it showed throughout the game; so Rat hen came away with the victory.

We got back to practice on Wednesday last week and worked on more things and had better focus, especially on the defensive end. We have no problem getting what we want on the offensive end. Defense is what wins championships.

On to the good news. My teammate, Charde Houston, has been out due to having minor surgery on her knee, but she is back in full form and she is ready to string up her laces and get back into the swing of things. She has been really missed out there. She will join us on Monday against Ramla, another good team that we will face. So until next time.......I should be writing you to let you know that we have come away with another victory.

I am off to a party that our manager is having for her son that she adopted. It is a religious tradition that the guys that are born here get circumcised on the eighth day that they are born and it is usually done by the Rabi, but her son who adopted had his done in hospital, his was to make sure that he was officially Jewish. So there is a celebration for that tonight. I believe he had the procedure done about a month ago. It is amazing the different things that you learn about everyone's culture.

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