Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tough Win..

Hey there everyone, I have to tell you that the Celebration was really nice. There were a lot of people there. Our manager Debbi had a lot of support with the celebration. There was a lot of food, music, dancing, but the memorable part for me was the video that was shown. It started from the first time that Little Daniel was brought to the arms of our manager. The excitement and happiness that she showed was really something. It went from that time up until now and it just had different pictures of things that the two of them as well as some of her friends were doing. It is amazing how much love she has to give that young boy and she shows it every time she sees him. It was a pretty nice event.

Now on to the game that we had yesterday. It was a nail bitter. We played against Ramla who has redesigned their team. Tan Wdhite, Nikki Anosike, and Adia Barnes used to play for them, but now Nikki Teasley and some other players are on that team now. It was good to see Nikki Back in action after having her baby. She had a really good game. Anyway like I said, it was a really close game. We trailed by 15 points as it was approaching the end of the 3rd quarter. But our team persevered, we refused to give up, we fought much better this week, especially what we had showcased last week. Everyone played hard, Charde was back and playing hard. Everyone was in tune to the game and sitting on the edge of their seats. I don't think that we took the lead until about the 2 min mark left in the game, and from that point on it went back and forth, in the end we came away with the win. We needed this win, Ramla had beat us earlier in the season at their place so this game could help us some where near the end we are approaching playoff.

Ok I am off to eat now. We do have two games next week so I will fill you all in on that later. We now have another week of practice ahead of us, I am sure defense will be our main focus again. I am looking forward to it.

Later Ya'll


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