Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning Curve..

Hello everyone,

This week has been somewhat of a hectic week. We played three games in seven days. Our first game was against Bnei Yehuda, it was a pretty good game for our team. We jumped out on the team early, we were showing some promising signs with the growth of our team, then we lost focus. After being up by 25 or so at one point on the game we began to play lazy and a little rattled at times. Of course that part started with our defense. This is the part that we can never let be our down fall, defense wins championships. Somehow our defense always seem to fall apart throughout the game. We did beat this team, but that was expected, and we cannot continue to play like this going into the playoffs.

Now with the two days in between this game and our next game against Ashdod, I caught like a small stomach virus. I couldn't hold anything in me; I wasn't able to get up and go to practices or anything, it was a tough two days. Well Thursday came and it was game day. I was not feeling 100% but I was feeling better than I had been the past two days, so I got up and went to shoot around, from there, straight back to the bed to get some more rest before the game because I was feeling a little weak. I got me some food in my system, and prayed that it stayed in me this time.

I guess my prayer worked because I was able to make it through the game and help our team to another victory. After this game we had a day to rest on Friday and was right back at it on Saturday night for our practice, because instead of the game being on Monday like it is usually we played on Sunday. There was a men's game that needed to be played on Monday to determine the outcome of their leagues for some teams so everything else was pushed up. We have had some quick turn-arounds in this past week but it has been worth it.

The game on Sunday was against Holon. They have a very talented team as well. The game wasn't until 8:45 pm last night which is much later than we usually play. That was no excuse as to how we actually played. We started out very slow and let them gain the momentum very early. We trailed the entire game up until 14 seconds left in the game. As the clock ran down and I drove to the hole, I was fouled by one of the opposing teams guards. We were in the bonus and the clock stopped with 5.8 second left on the clock. I sank both free throws to put us up by one point.

After a timeout the team comes out and does a screen a roll using both of our post players and the guard Edwina Brown scores a lay up at the buzzer.

We lost 82-81.

This was a game that we needed to come away with. If I am not mistaken, we were tied for first place 3 ways, and now I am not sure what place we are in just yet. We will have to continue to play hard and finish out the regular season on a good note and go from there.

We as a team still have things that we need to correct and work on but for the most part we are headed in the right direction. I can honestly say that throughout the wins and losses I have been learning a lot about myself and the game. Much more than I have before. It is true; you learn something new everyday, even about yourself. The one thing that has become even more clear to me, much more than it has before is that Leaders never have a day off and their focus should never be broken for any reason at all. When you are leading a group of individuals they must trust and realize that you will not let them down, that you will do your best to lead them the correct way, and that you have their backs not matter what.

I have been learning so much more about myself and my game it is unbelievable. I am seeing things so much more clearer. It is almost like things were somewhat cloudy for me at times and I was able to see them. I have to say I am so happy and thankful that I am here and that I can see it now. I can acknowledge it, accept it, learn from it, as well as grow from it and I know that is what I am doing.

Until next time everyone......... Have a great week,



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