Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Run Ends

Hello Everyone,

I come today to share with you that we have lost, and are out of the cup. It was a crazy game, but we did end up playing another tough team. It was Ramata Hasharon, they have Jia Perkins of the Chicago Sky, Ebony Hoffman Of the Indiana Fever, and Erin Phillips who played for Connecticut Suns. Their team is a really good team!. It was a close game the entire way. They led the entire game but we kept it close -- no more than six the entire time. We did have a great yet scary surprise though. Our teammate Charde Houston decided to play on her hurt leg right before the game. I was so shocked and scared, I was not sure what to say to her or anything. I saw that she had made up her mind to play, so I just said a prayer with her and left it in God's hand to protect her. She came out and played really well for us. She gave us all that she had and we couldn't have asked for anything else. I am happy that she is on my team. Anyway the overall game was a sloppy one for both teams. It came down to 6.2 secs. We were coming out of a time out and the other team had set up a defense to trap me. I broke the trap and went a completely different way from the two defenders, I got the ball, and had a clear path to the basket -- I am running straight to the basket and as I go up for the shot one of the defenders rotated over and under cut my legs. I got the shot off, and the ball went up in the air, inside the rim and rattled back out. The refs of course did not call a foul, and our coach went crazy. He ran out on the floor and screamed at the refs and everything. It was no turning back though and we had to walk off with the loss.

It was a crazy game, but it did show that we can battle with any team in this league. And although we didn't come away with the cup championship we are gunning for the league championship. I believe that we can take it.

I will be going home soon to be with my family. I will probably miss Christmas with them but I will bring in the New Year with them. I am looking forward to seeing them. I miss them all very much.

We will have at least 2 weeks offs so until next time everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's! I hope that Santa brought everyone what they wanted and I hope that this new year God brings you all as much happiness as the Year before.

God Bless Everyone!

I will talk to you all next year.



Dee Dee said...

Meek- I love catching up with you in your blog. Keep on posting !!!

Tina McMorris said...

Hey girl, I love to ready your blog to keep up with what is going on! I saw you & Sly at the LSU/Nebraska game. I wanted to come and say Hi but you were having to sign a bunch of autographs - maybe next time. Take care and keep in touch!!!!