Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One and Done..

Hello fellow bloggers!

I can finally say that this week is a little slower than the past. We only had one game this week and we played it yesterday. We played a team called Ne Tanya. They have two players that I know, and I know the lady tiger followers would know for sure.

One is former lady tiger Erica White who played pretty well for her club, and the other is Natasha Brackett, a former SEC player from Auburn. It was a pretty close game throughout. I had some foul issues and due to the aggressiveness that I tend to play on defense, the refs were not too hesitant to blow the whistle. I wasn't even guarding and American either. Usually they will allow the Americans to play, but yesterday for some strange reason that was not the case.

Anyways, I fouled out with like 15 mins to go in the game. My teammates were nervous but, guess what, they did what they were supposed to do. They held it together and performed well, and we walked away with a victory. As I cheered them on as I was on the bench I became even more proud of being on this team with a group women that just refused to give up.

This is all for this week. There is not very much more to this week besides two-a-days and preparing for the game on Monday. I am suppose to go by some of my teammates apartment so that they can teach me how to play poker, not really sure how this will go but hey we will see! If I don't learn it or enjoy it I will at least be able to say that I got out of the house and chilled with my teammates. It will at least be an outing.

Ok I must go now I am a little under the weather. I have a soar throat and a stuffy nose. So until next time I will talk to everyone later.

I will keep you all updated on my poker skills ...........

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