Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UNCF Athlete Ambassadors

So much has been happening. So many positive things. I should be playing overseas right now, but I’m taking this time to work with my foundation – H.O.P.E.. We launched the HOPE site, but we’re constantly making improvements to it. I won’t stop until it’s just the way it needs to be, similar to my game.

I’ve been real busy. I had a national press conference, with the help from LSU; I adopted Magnolia Woods Elementary School in East Baton Rouge; I’ve been working out hard; I helped launch a program with UNCF (www.uncf.org) called “Athlete Ambassadors for Education” and I’m proud to be one of the inaugural athletes for the program;

That’s the picture from the game where we had an on-court presentation with NBA star Ben Gordon of the Chicago Bulls. I was able to catch up with my boy Tyrus Thomas (another LSU Tiger) while at the game, and we reminisced a bit about LSU. The best part was the day before, where I was able to talk to some high school students about the importance of education and not giving up. I’m always looking for opportunities to reach as many people as possible, and this was just another step in that direction.

The foundation is growing strong, and I’m excited about it. I’ll be launching my scholarship program in January with UNCF, so be on the lookout for that. I’m working on some holiday stuff as well, but I want to keep that a secret for now.

Now with basketball, I wasn’t too happy about the way the season ended, but please believe that I’m working harder now to come back stronger and better as a player. I’m working out every day at home (Louisiana) with my trainer, and I’m feeling pretty good. At any point I could be headed overseas, but that’s all in God’s hands right now. One day at a time.

Well, it’s about that time to get to working out. I’ll be in touch, and I’m working on staying more consistent with my blog. It’s a work in progress!


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