Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Long Days..

Hello everyone,

It has been some pretty long days. After our game that we won last Monday, we played that Thursday against the Romania team in the Euro-Cup. We did not play well against them at all. It was like we were in a rush to do everything, but we bounced back from that game today.

We played against the undefeated team here in Israel. The team is Ashdod, they were on a good winning streak here in Israel and had not lose a game up until now. They have a really good team. Tamara Moore from the states is on that team, Sherril Baker, an SEC girl, as well as Jennifer Humphrey. We were very pleased with how well we played tonight.

It was an away game and everyone here was talking about how hard it was to play in that particular gym. We beat the undefeated team on their home court, in a place that is supposed to be so tough to play in by 17! Everyone chipped in and played a huge part to this win. The coaches and management were really happy and so were we. Now we are off to Russia to play in another Euro-Cup game.

I am not even sure where the place is where we are going, all I know is that they said it is -3 degrees there. That is just too cold! But hey that's all a part of it. I was hoping that I would get to see my best friend, Sylvia, but I think it is almost like 6-8 hours away from her, so we wont be seeing each other. Maybe next time.

Well folks that all for now, I have to run. Once again it is almost 2 am here but I wanted to share with you what was going on before I lay it down.

Until Next Time.......


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