Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playing in Israel

So here we are... it is now Wednesday morning here in Israel, and we had our first game on Monday. It went very well, considering that I only had a day to practice with the team. I think the chemistry is already shaping up the way that we need it to. We have some pretty good Americans on our team, besides myself. We have two of the UConn players playing together, one of them a little older than the other, but that bond is still there. One is Kelly Schumacher, and she has the experience that is needed on all levels. She has won in college, has won two championships in the WNBA, and has the experience abroad as well. To top all of that, she is more importantly a great person and teammate.

The other former UConn player is one of the young up-and-coming talents: Charde Houston. After a good season in the WNBA with the Minnesota Lynx, alongside one of the great LSU Lady Tigers, Seimone Augustus, Charde is really playing well over here. She works very hard and competes when she steps on the floor. So far this has been a very good experience.

I played pretty well on Monday; I had 14 points and probably like 15 assists, but they only had me down for 7. The coaches and managers say that the stat man is new and is learning on the job, but ol' well, it was an overall good game and we came out with a win. We do have another game on Thursday against Romania. This game is in the Euro-Cup so I am looking forward to it. This will give our team another test to see how much we are really gelling together, as well as what it is that we need to work on even more for the future.

On to when I initially got here.

Things were so familiar to me from when I was here in 2005. The amazing part about it all is that I still kind of know my way around some of these parts. Many won't believe me, but I was kind of surprised that I did, because when I was here last time,s I didn't drive anywhere. I was here with one of my former teammates and Lady Tiger, Detrina White. Train, that's what we call her. She was very familiar with these parts because she had played here a couple of years already, so shetkind of took care of the baby Tiger. I was very happy to be here with her.

Some of my teammates were saying, "Temeka I am surprised that you remember all this", I was thinking to myself "so am I", but I just smiled and nodded my head.
The Isreali's have been very nice thus far, and everyone speaks English. There are a lot of place that have good American food, and just the other day I passed by the beach and it looked beautiful. I am going to get my chance to go down there as soon as we finish with the two-a-days and the weather gets a little better. It is winter time, but right now it is not that cold here. The past few days have been, but during the day it is very sunny and we've had really good weather. I will be sure to take pictures to let all of you see.

Well I guess I will get some rest now. It pretty early in the a.m. and I have practice in the morning. I will touch back with you all and let you know how Thursday turns out.

Until then God Bless,


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