Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NEWS ALERT - HOPE Foundation WNBA Season Calendar

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WNBA World Champion Temeka Johnson & HOPE Foundation Will Unveil New Commemorative WNBA Calendar for Charity

WHO: WNBA World Champion Phoenix Mercury PG Temeka Johnson, HOPE Foundation

WHAT: 1st annual Temeka Johnson Weekend to focus on giving back, education, and community involvement throughout the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area; Will also include WNBA championship festivities!

WHEN: Saturday, May 15th – Available Online on April 30th!!!

WHERE: Global


MORE: To highlight a concentrated effort on bringing fans closer to the WNBA Champion, the WNBA and the endeavors of the foundation, H.O.P.E. created a commemorative calendar specifically for the WNBA season. After winning the championship and establishing her off-the-court brand, Ms. Johnson continues to find ways to interact with the communities across the world. The calendar will help fundraising efforts for the foundation, as all proceeds benefit the foundation. With the goal of raising $25,000 by December 2010 for the Jewel Johnson Scholarship Fund, the Mercurial Champion is starting the season off with her “Face of HOPE” calendar. The calendar is a mixture of on the court (WNBA and overseas) and off the court imagery related to Temeka. The 11x17 full color calendars are available for $20, and the first 50 will be autographed by Ms. Johnson.

ABOUT: Heaven Opens People’s Eyes (H.O.P.E.) was launched during the summer of 2008. The foundation was established by WNBA player, Temeka Johnson, to provide H.O.P.E. to people across the world. HOPE’s goal is to inspire youth, families and communities to reach their own goals and objectives and lead a more emotionally healthy lifestyle. for more information!

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