Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bring It On!

It’s a new season. A CHAMPIONSHIP season. That’s what me, my teammates and my coaches are focused on this season. Anything less than a championship is a disappointment. We have Lisa coming back stronger and everyone knows we drafted Candace Parker. I feel refreshed and healthy, and ready to rip through the season. I’m expecting a career year this year, as I have spent the time to get healthy and worked on every part of my game. The off-season is when players grow into championship players. This off-season I worked. I worked hard. I WORKED HARD!!

I’m so excited about my new website and things that I have planned for this year. My non-profit, H.O.P.E. (Heaven Opens People’s Eyes) is going to grow just like my game. From Louisiana to Los Angeles. La. to LA. I’m going to keep you posted. Be sure to keep checking back, as my site will be updated consistently. Email me, leave messages, send mail, I’ll be listening and responding.

Most of all, I just want you all to know that we are looking for you to be our 6th Man. With your cheers and support, we can bring back the championship. We WILL bring back the championship! You’re more than our fans, you’re our voice!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new site, and I can't wait to see more!!

Lovedy said...

I need to get off the computter to finish packing for the Sparks Fans Road Trip to Phoenix. We will be there to cheer you and the team on a routing of Phoenix. Wave to us and let the team know we are there. I love you and admire you as a great player and fabilous human being.
God bles, love, Lovedy

lilcolby12 said...

My name is Colby. I have always admired your game. My body compisition is a lot like yours. I play for somebody you know; Coach Caronica Debose. In 5 years I will be in the WNBA as well. If you email, I am

Meek2 said...

Hello there Colby,

I want to start by saying thank you for following me and my progress all of this time. You mention that we have almost the same type of physique, so my advice to you would be to continue to work hard. Being this size is not always easy in what is known as a "big woman" game. And the way that the league is growing, it is becoming even more tougher. As long as you have that heart of a tiger you will be fine.

That is one thing that a coach can not teach you; you must have that. Tell coach Debose I said hello, and I know if you are one of her players you are definitely in shape, as well as learning the game the way it should be taught. She is a great Coach and I know that you are having fun.

Thanks for checking out the website and taking the time to send me your thoughts and comments.

God Bless,


Tina McMorris said...

Hey Temeka, I am so excited that you have this website. I love keeping up with you and the sparks. This year I have several to watch (geaux lady tigers). I have enjoyed talking to you at several of the LSU games - thanks for taking that time to do that. I try to at least say hi each time that I see you. The last time we spoke was after the game in Tampa. I hope you are doing well. You are playing great - I love to watch you play defense. So many kids today don't even know what the is all about.

Iknow you are busy. Enjoy talking with you. Take care. My email is

Geaux Lady Tigers.

Meek2 said...

Hey Tina thanks so much for keeping up with me thus far. While in Tampa I had a great time; it was so great supporting the lady tigers. I know the outcome was not what we wanted, but the supporting cast that was there was awesome. I appreciate the fact that you enjoy watching me play. I love DEFENSE so I try to play as hard as I can. Defense is what wins Championships. And a champion is what I strive to be in everyday life, as well as on the court. Thanks again for taking the time to send me your thoughts and your messages and I encourage you to continue posting your comments.